Tropoja’s mountain tea

Tropoja’s mountain tea is known for its medicinal properties, its characteristic of other tea’s in Albania is that it has a stronger color and flavor.
 With the coming of winter season its use is daily.
It is known as Sideritis is a wild plant that is adapted to survive with little water and little soil.
Mountain tea grows on rocky slopes and pastures above 1,000 feet.
In Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia, this plant is used as an herb or for preparing tea or for its aromatic properties in local kitchens.
Preparation of the tea is done as follows: Once it is cleaned, pour it into boiling water. Cover with a lid till it gets a boil turn of the heat and leave it covered with a lid so that no aroma can be released until the serving time. It is served with honey and lemon to enhance flavor.
Mountain tea helps digestion, strengthens the immune system and treats common cold, flu and other viruses, allergies and asthma, sinus congestion, and even light pain and anxiety.
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