Do you know how many hours before bedtime we have to drink the last coffee?

Coffee is a drink that each of us always consumes during the day can happen, that within a day each of us consumes a large amount of coffee.

All cafes should bear in mind that its consumption has a limit in each case. But what if the morning looks like it lasts all day long? Take another cup of coffee? When does it stop? (many people are really victims of coffee, and even can drink espresso at 22:00).

The truth is that everything depends on the person. Not everyone is suffering from insomnia that causes the coffee, in contrast to others. But when can you stop the effect of caffeine before bedtime?

The amount of time that is recommended to avoid caffeine is not an exact science, as no one responds equally to caffeine. In general, it is a good choice not to drink any caffeine drink 6 hours before bedtime.


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