Honey and garlic together will save you from these diseases

There is no family that does not hold at least one garlic in the kitchen. You may not like garlic, but you must know very well that it is an antibacterial medicinal plant that helps to heal many diseases.

Among many other illnesses, garlic helps in treating Cough

Mouth pain


Skin Infection

Garlic is able to reduce blood glucose levels and improve blood pressure. It also helps strengthen the immune system of people with AIDS. If these people consume garlic every day, there is a kind of change.

However, many people can not eat fresh garlic, because the taste is very strong. In that case, you can put it in boiling water, or just use the recipe to bring it to this article.

When we wait for the garlic, we help deliver the alliquin that is a powerful cougar. So just drop the garlic and drop the honey over.

Place the mixture in a dark place for 2 or 4 weeks. Then consume only one spoon of mixture for 3 months. This way you can strengthen the immune system and help yourself with cardiovascular problems and other problems.

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