These are the only two spices that melt excessive fat after the holidays

Talking about healthy foods, today we know you with two spices that, if properly mixed, melt the fat and the excess kilograms.

1. Black Piper: Everyone has happened to sneeze after you smell black pepper. There is nothing to worry about, it happens because the black caster has in its contents pepper, one of the best allies to fall from the weight. According to a study at Sejong University, pepper prevents bad cholesterol from forming, helps the body absorb nutrients better and lick them with flaws, melts fat around the waist and lips, and prevents blood vessels from oxidizing. Start the morning with this drink: 200 ml of warm water, 1 teaspoon black pepper and 1 squeezed lemon. You will notice immediate changes since the second week.

2. Canella: Cinnamon gives you a fantastic flavor of sweets and biscuits, it also gives life to flowers (read Here’s what happens if you add a teaspoon of cinnamon in the flower pots) and helps you to lose weight. Cinnamon is rich in iron, calcium, fructose and manganese. These minerals help prevent bad cholesterol, promote the digestive system, give you the feeling of satiety and burn calories. Dietary doctors advise you to drink each morning hot water with a little cinnamon and honey as it stimulates your metabolism to work faster.

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