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Burned and broken blades on the two are an inevitable problem. Hiding the tire is not just an aesthetic issue but is essential to hair health.

The creation of burning peaks comes as a result of the loss of keratin in the least protected areas of hair. Drying and combing frequently, the use of hot items also accelerates hair breakage, combustion and cutting of peaks.

If you think of a miracle cure to eliminate the burning eventually, we say you will not find it, but following a routine care, yes, that will do wonders for your hair.

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Smack before you wash and not for a long time in the shower.

Avoid using brushes, driers and hot items as much as possible. Try to dry your hair naturally and grab your hair before you lie down. In this way, you will avoid electrification and damage to the hair by friction on the pillow.

Avoid as many paints with decolorant ingredients.
It is essential to use products, masks, protective and regenerative at least once a week.

If you have thin hair with a tendency to fall, use shampoo without sulfate.

Prize regularly, at least peaks once every 5 months.

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