Designer Profile: Okorie Lora


Lora Okorie is a self-taught fashion designer based in Nigeria. A final-year student of architecture and a lover of art, she says fashion design is her platform for expressing the beauty she finds in nature and in man-made innovations.






Q:What sparked your interest in fashion?

In 2016, I began working in fashion initially to provide a better solution to fashion needs within my environment. I always love to solve problems with whatever is available to me. I developed my pattern drafting techniques from my knowledge of architectural model making. I also incorporated arts and crafts into my works and a spent more years perfecting sewing construction techniques.

I had my “lightbulb moment” when it suddenly occurred to me, after a long search, that fashion could accommodate every talent, skill and ability I had developed over the years and still leave room for more.

Q:As a designer, what matters to you most?

Bridging the gap between my design inspiration and my client’s needs. Customers know what they want; it is important as a designer to be able to understand it, then fuse it with your design idea within available resources, to produce an outfit that stands out in dignity and beauty.

Q:Who are your core customers?

My core customers are people who have value for what I do, people to whom clothing means more than just covering but a means to express their uniqueness to the world. Young women seeking to define their place in the world and who they are in life. I meet demands for evening dresses, brides and bridal trains, (party rocker) owambe looks as we call them in Nigeria, and other outfits for special events.

Q:What’s your vision for the future.

I look forward to learning more about fashion and the business of fashion from great brands. Also, I intend to be a brand that is know for being inventive with available materials in creating high end outfits. I hope to reach the world from wherever I am on both local and international runways.

Finally, I see my designs inspiring people to be who they are meant to be.

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