‘It stopped me having sex for a year’: why Generation Z is turning its back on sex-positive feminism

The movement championed the right to enjoy sex and was supposed to free women from guilt or being shamed. But now many are questioning whether it has left them more vulnerable. Lala likes to think of herself as pretty unshockable. On her popular Instagram account @lalalaletmeexplain, she dishes out anonymous sex and dating advice on everything […]

The Betrayal of Anne Frank by Rosemary Sullivan review – who tipped off the Nazis?

On 4 August 1944 Gestapo officer Karl Josef Silberbauer, together with three Dutch policemen, marched into a spice merchant’s on Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht and demanded: “Where are the Jews?” It was a piercing moment in 20th-century history, one that never becomes dulled by retelling. Within minutes Silberbauer and his accomplices had located a dummy bookshelf, behind […]

Monica Vitti, ‘queen of Italian cinema’, dies aged 90

Italian actor Monica Vitti, an icon best known for her starring roles in films by Michelangelo Antonioni, has died aged 90, the country’s culture ministry said on Wednesday. “Goodbye Monica Vitti, goodbye queen of Italian cinema. Today is a truly sad day, we have lost a great artist and a great Italian,” the culture minister, Dario […]

Coming down: why has shock teen show Euphoria become such a drag?

Euphoria, the slick, explicit, high-budget teen drama halfway through its second season on HBO, has from the start been a soap layered in heady seriousness. The show, adapted by Sam Levinson from an Israeli series of the same name and co-produced by Drake, took on a near encyclopedia of Today’s Teen Issues – sex shaming, drug […]

Talents of Madonna’s son divide critics after he is revealed as secret artist

He is a mysterious, up-and-coming artist whose work has been championed by the likes of Madonna and sells for up to five figures. But there were raised eyebrows when it was revealed that “Rhed” was none other than the singer’s eldest son, Rocco Ritchie. The 21-year-old, Madonna’s child with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, has been said in reports […]

Sex, race and the city: how has And Just Like That handled diversity?

Rejoice! The new Sex and the City (SATC) reboot is not quite the depressing slog it appeared to be. Following two lackluster debut episodes, the third installment of And Just Like That finds our girls regaining their former strides. Carrie, spiraling from the discovery that her late husband just left his ex-wife $1m, is back […]

Adele is right – an unshuffled album is the proper way to listen

By getting Spotify to discourage the mixing up of an album’s song order, Adele is standing up for artistic vision even as the very nature of streaming erodes it. When you are the most powerful, popular artist in the world, you can insist on anything. And so Adele has persuaded Spotify to hide its shuffle button, to […]

‘The bikini line is still a no-no’: why does dance have a problem with body hair?

Chests must be de-fuzzed, armpits shaved, legs waxed. But as dance becomes more diverse, should it stop policing what grows naturally? Top performers speak out about their body hair. The ideal dancer’s body is unrealistic in many ways: bendier than a Barbie, incredibly lean but super-strong, with very particular proportions (in ballet, small head, long […]

‘One of the best singers ever’: remembering Eva Cassidy, 25 years after her death

On a late May day in 1996, the singer Eva Cassidy and her bandmate Chris Biondo drove to a remote factory in rural Virginia to collect copies of the recording that turned out to be the last she would ever make. “We picked up a total of about 1,100 cassettes and CDs,” Biondo recalled. “When […]

Britney Spears says she agrees with father that conservatorship should end

Britney Spears has said that she agrees with her father that the conservatorship that has controlled her life and money since 2008 should be terminated. The singer’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, said in a court filing on Wednesday that she “fully consents” to “expeditiously” ending the conservatorship. Spears’s father, James Spears, requested to end the controversial arrangement in […]

Indie pop star Connie Constance: ‘People play with your career as if it’s not your entire life

She was on a major label, hanging out with Dua Lipa – but being sidelined behind the scenes. Now independent and thriving, the UK musician has a cautionary tale for women in the music industry The pandemic temporarily spelled game over for emerging pop stars: who could compete for headlines and livestreams with the likes […]

‘I know it’s weird’ – Jumbo: the film about a woman who falls in love with a funfair ride

Inspired by Erika Eiffel, who married the Eiffel Tower, this surreal debut tells the story of a woman who falls in love with a big, swirling fairground ride. Its director explains all. Just imagine the pitch. “I want to make my debut film about a girl who falls in love with a funfair ride. Um, […]

Laura Mvula’s teenage obsessions: ‘I thought a briefcase was the most buff thing ever’

Saturday youth orchestra The first orchestra I played in was Birmingham School, a concert orchestra. The first time I played in a symphony orchestra was this powerful, life-changing experience, like the first time I took a plane – you know, when the engine kicks in and you’re about to take off? Playing with the brass […]

London ‘sky pool’ among wave of ever more implausible designs

Controversial creation is latest in what has been described as a ‘golden age’ of swimming pools. It is perhaps no surprise that swimming pools have been in the news this week after the hottest days of the year for much of the UK. First, an aerial photograph of the transparent “sky pool” at Embassy Gardens […]

‘The thirst trap of London’: UK welcomes Every Woman Biennial

This summer the world’s largest showcase of female and non-binary art comes to Britain. Its curator describes her mission to reclaim the art world from tech bros. In 2019, the most recent iteration of the Every Woman Biennial drew 3,000 attendees to two galleries in New York and Los Angeles. Among the 600 artists represented were a […]

Lorde’s comeback single is a lesson in letting pop stars take their time

Lorde has said she was “waiting for the right moment” to release her comeback single, Solar Power, and opted for 11 June to coincide with the year’s only solar eclipse (although leaks may have forced her hand). Her chosen date resonates beyond the obvious thematic associations of her hazy, sun-worshipping comeback single and its cheeky cover art. Pop […]

Serbian Artist’s Pictures Tell Stories of Srebrenica Victims and Survivors

An exhibition of Jelena Jacimovic’s Srebrenica-inspired artworks, entitled ‘ArchiWar: Stories and Memories of the Srebrenica Genocide’, opened at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade on Monday evening. Illustrator and designer Jacimovic said she was inspired to start the project by a TV report about Amra Begic Fazlic, a genocide survivor who now works at […]


Music is one of the most important parts of our lives. Most of our memories of the past are associated with one song or another. It is, therefore, not a big surprise that most of the well-known celebrities today are singers. We all enjoy their songs each and every day of our lives, but have […]


Actors often undergo transformations for nailing their role in a movie. However, some actors go beyond all limits to ace their performance and probably that is what that sets them apart from the rest! Here is a list of 15 amazing transformations that actors underwent for their roles-. 1. HILARY SWANK FOR BOYS DON’T CRY In this […]

Why Little Women should win the best picture Oscar

Greta Gerwig embarked upon her remake of Little Women with fanatical attention to detail. She took the cast on tours of Louisa May Alcott’s home in Concord, Massachusetts, and wangled the budget to shoot the film nearby. She gave her actors extracurricular reading to get into character. She even had Alcott’s and her own birth charts compared […]

The best songs of 2019 … that you didn’t hear

Kalie Shorr – F U Forever FacebookTwitterPinterest Maine native, Nashville transplant Kalie Shorr has, as they say, bars. F U Forever is an immaculate character assassination that exposes an ex’s weak tricks and reveals him for the grasping bully he really is – one who lays his hands on her while their friends are over […]

Spoiler alert! How TV and film are trying to protect their blockbusters

There is a room in a bunker in Santa Monica, California, with all the windows blacked out. Even if you can charm your way past the security guard stationed outside, you will still need to scan your fingerprint to get in because the information taped to the walls is top secret. Yet this is not […]

The $500m Shed: inside New York’s quilted handbag on wheels

It seems fitting that the cultural centre of New York’s latest luxury private development should look like a quilted Chanel handbag. Rearing up at the northern end of the High Line on Manhattan’s reborn West Side, the Shed presents a 10-storey wrapping of puffed-up diamond cushions to passersby, standing as the gaudy gateway to Hudson Yards – the […]

The Rolling Stones postpone tour due to Mick Jagger’s health

Sir Mick Jagger has said he is “devastated” to let down fans after the Rolling Stones announced they were postponing a tour of the US and Canada while the frontman seeks medical treatment. The singer, 75, has been told by doctors that he cannot go on tour at the moment but has been advised that he is […]

‘It was madness’: Game of Thrones stars on how it changed their lives

Carice van Houten (Melisandre) Now filming Sky series Temple and a film called The Glass House. Has had a child with partner, fellow actor Guy Pearce When Carice van Houten goes out in public, she often notices people giving her searching looks, as if they can’t quite place where they’ve seen her before. When a woman came up once and […]

Art detective Arthur Brand: how I found a stolen Picasso

The ring at the door of the modest east Amsterdam apartment came late in the day on Thursday 14 March. On the doorstep stood two men “with contacts in the underworld”, Arthur Brand recalls, and with them a large, rectangular package. Eagerly, Brand removed the covering and examined the contents: Buste de femme (Dora Maar), a portrait […]

Fifty shades of Britain: the view from Peru – in pictures

Born in Peru to a British father and Peruvian mother, Ian Howorth moved to England aged 16. His photographs express his own feelings as an outsider and that of the nation’s identity, from the seaside towns of the south to the working men’s clubs of the north Arcadia is available to buy from Setanta Books All […]

Picasso: A master of reinvention and his muse

In his late years, Picasso shifted both his studio and his work, focusing on his second wife and muse, Jacqueline, and their home in South France, the Villa La Californie, as can be seen at the Museum Barberini. One of the best-known artists of his time, the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is at the center […]

In a crowded Eurovision field, standouts emerge

This past weekend saw the last of the national finals, so now all of the contestants for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv are known. Some are already making waves. Here’s our rundown. The host country announced last: representing Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is Kobi Marimi (top photo), with a ballad named […]

R Kelly: attorney hands tape ‘showing sexual abuse’ to authorities

The attorney Gloria Allred says a client has turned a tape over to law enforcement that appears to feature R&B singer R Kelly sexually abusing girls. Allred and her client were expected to discuss the tape at a news conference in New York City on Sunday afternoon. Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse in […]

The life and death of rapper Willie McCoy, ‘executed’ by police

Willie McCoy knew his life could end in an instant. The 20-year-old rapper wrote verses about police harassing him in California, the legal system labeling him as “dangerous”, and the fact that “one false move” could “end” someone like him. “I was guilty until I proved I’m innocent,” he rapped in one song. Police in Willie’s […]

Smuggling art into fashion: Erwin Blumenfeld’s high style – in pictures

Salute to freedom’: advertisement for Bianchini-Férier, Harpers Bazaar, August 1945 Erwin Blumenfeld in Color: His New York Years is at Foam, Amsterdam, until 14 April. FacebookTwitterPinterest Minaudière, Evans; earrings, Ledo; bracelet, Henri Bendel: model, Victoria von Hagen As a young married man, German-born Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969) moved to Amsterdam to open a leather goods store in the city […]

Ariana Grande: Thank U, Next review – a lodestar for how complicated life can be

Once, Ariana Grande was a versatile pop singer whose visual signature – the swinging ponytail – defined her in a crowded marketplace. I saw the US singer’s 2017 tour a couple of nights before the bombing at her Manchester Arena show, and back then, Grande was merely good – a brighter pop operative than most – if […]

‘It’s a shame we don’t cherish her’: Marina, British pop’s nearly woman

For the last decade, Marina – formerly Marina and the Diamonds – has sat on the precarious fence between mainstream and underground pop: someone with that curious, 21st-century kind of fame where you can rack up tens of millions of streams without ever having a Top 10 single. The Welsh native’s first solo work in four years, […]

Anna Paquin: ‘I’ve had some horrific experiences’

Anna Paquin is supposed to be having a day off. She has been working for two weeks straight, with no break at the weekend, and she has six-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. “So I’m a wee bit tired. But good, really good,” she says. She is dipping into her free time to talk […]

Baftas 2019: the after parties – in pictures

Margot Robbie attends the Bafta Film Awards gala dinner at Grosvenor House Photograph: Eamonn M McCormack/Getty Images FacebookTwitterPinterest Rami Malek (left), best actor winner, and Lucy Boynton at the Grosvenor House gala Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA FacebookTwitterPinterest Viola Davis, left, and Glenn Close at the Netflix after-party at Chiltern Firehouse Photograph: David M Benett/Getty Images for […]

Lindsey Buckingham heart surgery damages vocal cords

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has had his vocal cords damaged during emergency open-heart surgery. In posts on social media, the musician’s wife, Kristen Buckingham, said her husband was recuperating at home, and was hopeful the damage is not permanent. “This past year has been a very stressful and difficult year for our family, to say the […]

Angelica Hale Receives Golden Buzzer From Howie Mandel! – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Ashley Judd’s sexual harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein dismissed

A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed Ashley Judd’s sexual harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein but said she could proceed with a defamation claim against him. Judd had accused Weinstein of defaming her in 1998 after she refused what she said were his sexual advances a year earlier. In her lawsuit, filed in April […]

The Oscars have got themselves into a right drama over Kevin Hart

To the United States, where the crisis in Oscars hosting continues to rage, reminding us that one of the major advantages of late-stage capitalism is the sheer volume of attention it can afford to lavish on debates over who will or won’t be reading prepared joke-effect lines come 24 February. As is only right, the […]

The Death of Murat Idrissi by Tommy Wieringa – review

It was supposed to be a great adventure. But for the two young women, born in the Netherlands of African parents, and considered Dutch, their badly planned trip to Morocco, home of their forefathers, begins with some expensive minor bother with a rented car. It ends in a ghastly tragedy, which leaves at least one of […]

The money, job, marriage myth: are you happy yet?

There are countless stories about how we ought to live our lives. We are expected to be ambitious; to want to be wealthy, successful and well educated; to get married, be monogamous and have kids. These social narratives can make our lives easier, by providing guidelines for behaviour, and they might sometimes make us happier, […]

David Szalay: ‘I’m laughing at myself when I write about vanity and self‑absorption

As I sit with novelist David Szalay in a Budapest coffee house, we fall to chatting about the Man Booker prize, for which Szalay’s fourth novel, All That Man Is, was shortlisted in 2016. Specifically, we discuss the challenge that the prize ceremony presents for the six shortlisted authors. “It was a horrible experience,” he tells me. “The […]

Human rights for the 21st century: by Margaret Atwood, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Dave Eggers and more

People, we have a problem. Or rather two problems. The first is a matter of definition: who or what is a human being, entitled to the rights spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? The second is the old mind-body split: what if these two components have different wills? I illustrate by means […]

The Italian craftsman who makes umbrellas for actors and popes

Mario Talarico has been making umbrellas for 75 years. The fourth generation of a family of umbrella makers, he grew up surrounded by them. “They say that opening umbrellas [indoors] is bad luck. If that was the case, I would have died before I was born!” At 87 years old, he still works every day […]


The decision of a Dutch art committee to back one of the Netherlands’ most prestigious museums in its attempt to hold on to a prized painting obtained from a Jewish family in 1940 has sparked an international outcry over the fate of Nazi loot across Europe. The binding ruling against the descendants of Emanuel Lewenstein has […]

Romania: thousands attend blessing of controversial cathedral

Tens of thousands of worshippers attended the inauguration on Sunday of a giant new Orthodox cathedral in Bucharest, amid criticism that public funding for the project could be better used to pay for hospitals and schools in one of the EU’s poorest countries. The event was marred after three people were hospitalised when scuffles broke […]

Pranksters Bury Fake Picasso in Romanian Forest

A Dutch writer who thought she had found a missing Picasso in Romania has now said she was the victim of a hoax. A Romanian-born Dutch writer who thought she had found Picasso’s missing Harlequin Head has revealed that she was the victim of an elaborate hoax. Mira Feticu wrote a book on the sensational theft of […]

4am starts and spinach smoothies: Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown on how to write a bestseller

The piano music is insistent, melodramatic. The scene begins under a vaulted ceiling and medieval candelabra reminiscent of the Great Hall in Game of Thrones. The camera pans across a vintage typewriter, intricately sculpted animals, antique bowl, statuette of a monk and relief carvings of knights. It roves around a dimly lit, dark wood library. […]

Lily James and Armie Hammer to star in Rebecca movie remake

A new film version of Rebecca, based on Daphne du Maurier’s Gothic novel, is in the works, with Lily James and Armie Hammer confirmed in the lead roles. A 1940 adaptation of Rebecca, about a newly married woman oppressed by the memory of her husband’s first wife, was Alfred Hitchcock’s first Hollywood film, and won the best picture […]

Félix Gallardo: the ‘Bill Gates of cocaine’ who rules the new Narcos season

Netflix’s latest instalment focuses on the pragmatic Mexican who became the godfather of modern narcotrafficking – and whose demise triggered a drug war. There is a way in which Netflix writes history. Its portrayals of the drug-trafficking barons who form the dramatis personae of Narcos in its Colombian seasons are now ingrained in the popular imagination. And, of […]

‘I’m black, I can’t do method acting’: Brian Tyree Henry on Atlanta and Widows

The Tony-nominated actor stars in two of autumn’s biggest films, Widows and If Beale Street Could Talk. So why has he suffered from imposter syndrome? He might wear it lightly, but Brian Tyree Henry is a star. Over the next few months he appears in two of the most anticipated films of the year: Steve […]

Ky është resorti i parë nënujor!!/FOTO

Turistët në Ishullin Conrad Maldives Rangali tani kanë mundësinë të flenë me peshqit – por nuk ka asgjë të keqe për të. Kjo për shkak se një resort luksoz është hapur dhe besohet të jetë i parëi hotel nënujor në botë – dhe imazhet tregojnë se do të jetë një nga dhomat më të preferuara […]

On yer way, Pinochet! The factory workers who fought fascism from Glasgow

When Scots refused to service Chile’s jet fighters after the 1973 military coup, their protest all but grounded the air force – and may have saved prisoners’ lives. Nae Pasaran, a powerful documentary, tells their story The artificial spiders’ webs hanging in the windows of the Royal British Legion in East Kilbride, on the edge […]

How to refocus the spotlight on female writers

Women too often have their lives rather than their books reviewed. Writers including Joyce Maynard and Olivia Sudjic consider how this can be resisted What does exposure mean for a female writer? It’s a question with which the novelist Olivia Sudjic grapples in a new book-length personal essay, Exposure, just released by the crowdfunded publisher Peninsula […]

Matt Hamon’s best photograph: his daughter Lur feeding a beheaded deer

‘She was picking grass, putting it in a yogurt tub and feeding it to the deer, not yet understanding death’ Lur is my daughter. Her name means earth or homeland, the place where you’re from. She’s five now, but she was about three when I shot this. It was in the fall and that’s a […]

From MeToo to deforestation: Indonesian writers on their country’s biggest challenges

Ubud’s annual writers festival attracts global speakers but it also gives Indonesian thinkers access to a worldwide audience The 15th Ubud Writers and Readers festival wrapped up on Sunday, after five days of panels featuring more than 150 speakers. Established by Ubud businesswoman and writer Janet DeNeefe to invigorate the economy after the devastating Bali […]

Frankenstein and the gory gang: how the novel blazed a trail for high art horrors

One stormy night in 1816, while staying at Lord Byron’s villa near Lake Geneva, an 18-year-old woman tossed and turned in the thunder-filled darkness. Her name was Mary Shelley, and she was having a nightmare about a monster made from scraps of humans. Frankenstein, the novel Shelley would fabricate from her vision, is regarded as a […]

Rare 3,000-year-old Assyrian art work expected to fetch more than $10M at auction

A rare, 3,000-year-old sculpture is expected to fetch at least $10 million when it goes under the hammer at Christie’s New Yorktomorrow. Billed as the finest example of Assyrian art to come on the market in decades, the solid slab of gypsum depicts a seven foot-tall deity. If the sale price exceeds $11.94 million, it will […]

Rare color photos cast new light on World War II

Color film was rare in World War II. The vast majority of the photos taken during the conflict were in black and white, and color photography as a whole was still a relatively new technique. It’s this fact that makes the photos from a new book published by Imperial War Museums so mesmerizing. They are […]

Andre Brasilier: Horses are a ‘symbol of divinity,’ says renowned French painter

At the grand old age of 88, French painter Andre Brasilier maintains a zest for “spiritual adventure.” On a perennial “quest for beauty”, he recently traveled with his wife from Paris to London for the opening of his latest exhibition at the city’s Opera Gallery. And he’s as animated in conversation as he is with a […]

Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender, Resistance review – spells, smoke and taboo-busting

Nottingham Contemporary A powerful exhibition of works by 40 female and non-binary artists highlights how women have fought oppression – and offers a new way of looking at art. Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise has become a clarion call to feminists, anti-racism campaigners and to any oppressed group that can identify with the sensation of being […]

Diminish and Ascend staircase: the New Zealand sculpture that is murdering gulls

An artwork in Christchurch has killed at least two birds after they flew into it and impaled themselves. And that’s not the only reason it’s unpopular with some. Name: Diminish and Ascend staircase. Age: It has been in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens in New Zealand since 2016. Before then, it was on display at the Sculpture by the Sea […]

Jane Fonda in Five Acts review – an unsatisfying portrait of a complex superstar

The teenage Jane Fonda was told her mother had died of a heart attack. Only once she had been packed off to boarding school by her father, Henry, did she read in a film magazine the real truth: the desperate woman had cut her own throat in a mental health facility. Meanwhile, her recently remarried father returned to work […]

Montgomery Clift: the untold story of Hollywood’s misunderstood star

For over 30 years, scripts have floated around Hollywood promising to tell the story of Montgomery Clift, one of the most innovative and handsome actors in history. Tellingly, they’re always pitched under working titles like ‘Beautiful Loser’ and’ ‘Tragic Beauty’. Guided by the key biographies of Clift, they reliably parrot a narrative which paints the […]

Danny Trejo: the hardest man in Hollywood

Danny Trejo is 74 but he was never meant to live so long. “I didn’t even think I’d make it out of the 1960s,” says the actor, with a deep husky laugh. “I picked the wrong role model,” he explains, recalling how he first tried heroin at the age of 12 and embarked on a […]

Terror in focus: the photographer who captured the rise of Nazism

In 1920, Roman Vishniac and his new bride Luta arrived in Berlin. Having fled the turmoil of post-revolutionary Moscow, the couple had hastily been married by a station master in a Latvian border town, before traveling to Riga and on to the German capital. There, Vishniac was reunited with his wealthy parents, who had left Russia three […]

Scarlett Johansson reportedly turned down film funding from Saudi prince

Scarlett Johansson reportedly vetoed funding from the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, for her next film. The actor is set to play the Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario in a biopic directed by Ridley Scott, but when she found out the initial set of funders included Bin Salman, she rejected his involvement. “Scarlett Johansson said […]

Guaranteed to blow your mind: the real Freddie Mercury

Unlike the sanitised character in the new film Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen frontman was debauched, outrageous – and proud. We celebrate a rock legend in tight shorts, leather and leotards. Bohemian Rhapsody is a film that suffered from a difficult gestation. It was announced in 2010 but, in the intervening eight years, everyone from the lead […]

Keita Sagaki reproduces classic paintings using hundreds of tiny manga characters

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is one of the world’s most reproduced and reinterpreted paintings — but no one has done it quite like Japanese artist Keita Sagaki. From a distance, Sagaki’s replica looks like a pen-and-ink version of the original. But a closer inspection reveals that the picture is composed from hundreds of tiny […]

Moon Ribas: The cyborg dancer who can detect earthquakes

t’s 2018 and cyborgs live among us. But these human-machine hybrids don’t look the way movies might have you believe. Most blend into the crowd, their mechanical elements hidden from view. Such is the case for Catalan avant-garde artist and cyborg activist Moon Ribas, who has implants connected to online seismographs in her feet. Any […]

Sculpture by the Sea’s opening weekend – in pictures

Grey skies threatened to dull the first days of Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney’s free annual beachside art exhibition, with the unveiling of 107 sculptures along a 2km stretch of coastline at Bondi. While heavy rain over the past few weeks meant a handful of sculptures were yet to be installed, a burst of warm […]

Edward Burne-Jones review – art that shows how boring beauty can be

Halfway through Tate Britain’s loving homage to the Victorian “visionary” Edward Burne-Jones I was startled to see a painting I gave a damn about. It’s a portrait of William Graham, colonial businessman, Liberal MP and art collector. His emaciated, sick-looking face stares straight at you from a small dark canvas. Two mad sweeps of white hair sprout from […]

Viola Davis: ‘I stifled who I was to be seen as pretty. I lost years’

In the opening scene of Widows, the new thriller from artist-turned-director Steve McQueen, Viola Davis lies in bed, passionately kissing her on-screen husband, Liam Neeson. A kiss between a married couple might not seem remarkable, but for Davis it is a groundbreaking moment. “For me, this is something you’ll not see this year, last year, the year before that,” […]

Trust no one: how Le Carré’s Little Drummer Girl predicted our dangerous world

David Cornwell, or John le Carré, as we usually call him, must have been wincing as he viewed the CCTV stills of those two Russian visitors to Salisbury. He was surely shaking his head in dismay as he watched their later avowals of their touristic interest in Salisbury Cathedral on Russian TV. This is not just […]

Roseanne exits The Conners, and she is not happy about it

One of television’s best-known families returned on Tuesday without its matriarch, as the character of feisty Roseanne Conner was killed off through an accidental opioid overdose. Comedy series The Conners, featuring all the main characters in the blue-collar family except for its star and creator, Roseanne Barr, had its premiere on ABC, five months after Roseanne […]

The Night Watch: Rembrandt painting to be restored under world’s gaze

The Night Watch by Rembrandt, one of the world’s most spectacular paintings, is to be restored under the world’s gaze at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, its general director has told the Guardian. The public will be invited to watch the intimate conservation process, both up close in the gallery itself and via an internet livestream, in […]

Polish film The Clergy sparks hundreds of allegations of abuse

A film depicting Polish clerics as corrupt, drunken fornicators and paedophiles is smashing box office records in Poland, sparking controversy and encouraging hundreds of people to come forward with allegations of recent and historical abuse. Based on real events, Kler (The Clergy), by the director Wojciech Smarzowski, which includes testimonies of survivors, features an alcoholic priest […]

Nile Rodgers: ‘I kicked drink and drugs after bad gig’

Nile Rodgers has told how a bad gig made him kick his drink and drugs habit. The revered music producer – who has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Diana Ross – rose to prominence as a member of the band Chic in the 1970s. The 66-year-old appeared on Desert Island Discs […]

The next generation: five leading photographers pick the hottest new talent

Katie Bret Day, chosen by Tom Hunter “It’s a publisher’s idea of hell,” laughs Tom Hunter, the renowned British artist-photographer best known for his staged tableaux referencing old master paintings. He’s talking about Lacuna, an extraordinary new photography book by 25-year-old Londoner Katie Bret Day. “Usually, photographers try to make books as cheaply as possible, as many as possible, […]

Patriarch’s Ukraine Bombshell Will Echo in the Balkans

Small actions can have huge consequences when it comes to churches. When a papal delegate slammed a formal notice of excommunication on the high altar of the main church in Constantinople in 1054 – although he surely did not appreciate it – that one act began the “Great Schism” – the separation of the Church […]

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Go ‘Camping’

LOS ANGELES — The outdoors, even the fake outdoors, may not seem like the place you’d expect to find Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, otherwise known as the duo behind the Brooklyn-chic millennial comedy “Girls.” Yet one morning in June here they were, offering a tour of the Hollywood soundstage where the cast and crew […]

She’s 17, Sardonic and Ready to Sing in ‘Beetlejuice’

Like it or not, Sophia Anne Caruso has a type. “Dead girls. Sad girls. Raped girls,” she said mordantly. “Seems kind of like my thing.” Ms. Caruso is just 17. Sweet? Not exactly. In Jennifer Haley’s “The Nether” she played an online avatar who invites her own rape and murder. In Enda Walsh and David Bowie’s “Lazarus” she was the […]

‘Venom’ Is A Hit Because It Learned From ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Jem’ And ‘The Mummy’

As of this moment, Sony’s Venom has earned $80.25 million in North America and $205m worldwide. The massive opening weekend (bigger than the inflation-adjusted domestic debuts of Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and both Ant-Man movies) is both a huge win and a major vindication against folks like me who was sure that a stand-alone Venom movie would be the second-coming […]

Celebrity 100: The World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers 2018

There’s never been a better time to be famous. The world’s 100 top-earning celebrities pulled in a combined $6.3 billion pretax over the past 12 months, up 22% from last year; 11 superstars crossed the $100 million threshold, more than double the number from the last two years combined. Those are just a few of the […]

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’

At this moment in time, A Star Is Born has earned $44.255 million in North America and $57m worldwide. It’ll have a slow rollout overseas, but the $36m-budgeted romantic drama will likely be able to become profitable just from domestic theatrical alone. So, yes Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. and MGM’s remake of an oft-remade movie (this is the […]

One of art’s most enduring puzzles ?

Pieter Bruegel the Elder transformed observations of daily existence into complex visual parables. As a new exhibition of his work opens in Vienna, Kelly Grovier explores the elusive symbolism of one of the artist’s more deceptively straightforward paintings. It is one of the most riddling paintings in all of art history: a pair of white-collared […]

Banksy auction prank leaves art world in shreds

Canvas of Girl With Balloon passes through shredder in frame shortly after £1m sale Banksy has played what could be one of the most audacious pranks in art history, arranging for one of his best-known works to self-destruct after being sold at auction for just over £1m. Girl With Balloon was the final item in an […]

Not the only one: how Yoko Ono helped create John Lennon’s Imagine

On 29 January 1971, a letter was sent to a stately home in Berkshire confirming a bulky delivery, a birthday present for the buyer’s wife – a grand piano, spray-painted white and costing £1,891. Later that year, a photograph of the buyer playing the instrument would be turned into a poster folded inside his new […]

Madame Tussaud: the astounding tale of survival behind the woman who made history

Edward Carey was terrified by her wax museum as a child, worked there as an adult, and has now written a novel about Tussaud, who survived the bloody French Revolution and built her own myth in London ome 20 years ago, in a freefall from university and picking up odd jobs in London, I spent […]

This painting is poised to smash auction records

David Hockney painting poised to smash auction records A well-known painting by British artist David Hockney is poised to smash the record for a work by a living artist sold at auction. “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” is set to be sold at a Christie’s sale in November, at an estimated price of $80 […]

How To Succeed As A Female Chef In The Male-Dominated Culinary World

As the Head Chef and Head Recipe Developer at meal kit market leader HelloFresh, Claudia Sidoti leads a team in creating simple, delicious meals that home cooks can make in 30 minutes or less and that require little cleanup. On any given day, she is tasting and offering constructive feedback to developers, procuring ingredients, cooking […]

60 Year-Old Whisky Sells For Over $1 Million At Auction

Auctioned off by Bonhams in Edinburgh, the bottle was purchased by a private collector in Asia who bid over the phone. Yep, a quick one million dollar phone call later, the famed Macallan expression was sold. Distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986, this bottle is number 5 of 12 signed by a famed Italian artist. The gorgeous […]

Netflix’s Elite Is Your New Trashy Euro Teen Soap Obsession

I’ve written about my soft spot for guilty-pleasure European TV—The Chalet! Suburra! Witnesses!—so it was no surprise that the trailer for Élite, a new Netflix Original from Spain, caught my eye when it appeared a month ago. The vibe: The OC by way of Riverdale by way of Cruel Intentions. Three working-class Spanish kids crash a top prep school on scholarships. Sex and murder ensue. […]

Booth Museum Features More Than Sculpture In Fredric Remington Exhibit

From priceless originals displayed in the Oval Office to cheap, miniature knock-offs for sale at discount, wholesale grocery stores, Frederic Remington‘s western-themed sculptures are pervasive to the point of ridiculous. Remington’s sculptures, however, are not the focus of the Booth Museum’s as new “Treasures of the Fredric Remington Art Museum and Beyond” exhibit. This showcase focuses on […]

Lenny Kravitz Joins Champagne House Dom Pérignon As Its First-Ever Global Creative Director

The story of Dom Pérignon has always been one of fortuitous encounters. After a history of collaborations with bold, inspiring creative talents like Marc Newson, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Marcel Wanders, Karl Lagerfeld, David Lynch, Christopher Waltz and Tokujin Yoshioka, the vintage-only champagne house created by Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon at the Abbey of Hautvillers in Epernay in […]

Mysterious ‘Spider-Man’ Villain, Mysterio, Explained

Who is Mysterio? Mysterio is a classic Spider-Man villain, but relatively unknown to the general audience of non-comic book fans. While Gyllenhaal looks a bit like diet Doctor Strange in those photos, he isn’t actually a wizard; he’s more of a magician, the Las Vegas kind. Mysterio’s original origin story saw him as a talented […]

‘Lost Bird Project’ Soon To Leave Cummer Museum In Jacksonville

The Great Auk. The Heath Hen. The Labrador Duck. The Carolina Parakeet. You may never have heard of these birds. The Passenger Pigeon you surely have. Like the Passenger Pigeon, the four other species were also driven into extinction from North America by man. All five are featured in Todd McGrain’s “Lost Bird Project” which […]

How An Oscar-Winning Actor Branches Out Big Time

A few years back Cuba Gooding Jr. was in his empty house, he looked around and one thought went through his mind: get creative. The Oscar-winning actor had already written three screenplays. But he was juiced about the opportunity to stretch his chops even further. So when he was asked to direct his first film he felt the […]

15 Of The Funniest Finalists For Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Arguably, nothing is as funny as animals pretending to be human – your dog talking to you or your cat smiling at you. Then, there is the human tendency to anthropomorphize the behavior of animals, which can produce really hilarious moments to be captured by lucky, on-the-spot photographers. Birds having a martial dispute. Dancing deer. A […]

Ryan Reynolds trolls Blake Lively over risqué Instagram pic

Blake Lively is taking her martini up — with a sexy twist. In a salacious snap posted to her Instagram account on Friday, the “Gossip Girl” star shows who’s the boss in the kitchen, standing over a naked hunk who offers her a carefully balanced cocktail, his legs akimbo. Completing the power move, Lively’s caption reads […]

DON’T MYTH OUT A trip around Greece on the Celestyal Crystal is the perfect cruise for a woman in her twenties

CRUISING is for old people, right? That was my view ahead of my seven-day Greek voyage on the Celestyal Crystal. How wrong I was. The luxurious trip was perfect for a woman in her twenties used to lying around in her bikini — and now I understand why cruises are becoming so popular with a […]

This fierce all-female army was so ruthless that European colonists called them the Amazons after the merciless warriors of Greek mythology.

Actors Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan earned high praise for their roles in the 2018 Marvel film Black Panther. But for me, the real stars were the Dora Milaje, the special forces unit of the fictional Kingdom of Wakanda. Fearsome yet principled, these female bodyguards provided the film’s moral compass. I was thrilled to find out […]

This week’s tracks reviewed: The Distillers, Lana Del Rey, Mariah Carey

The Distillers are back with a slick new edge, Lana Del Rey’s as breathy as ever, while Mariah’s rocking a new-found potty mouth Nowhere near as scrappy as the Distillers were back in the early 2000s, a time when checkerboard Vans were every wallet-chain wearing teenager’s fantasy (hi, me), the first song from Brody Dalle’s […]

First trailer for Elton John biopic Rocketman released

The first trailer for Rocketman, the biopic of musician Elton John, has been released on to the internet. Starring Kingsman’s Taron Egerton in the central role, Rocketman has John’s husband David Furnish among its producers, and John himself has an executive producer credit. Rocketman, directed by Dexter Fletcher, joins the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody as biopics […]

The powerful connections of twins – in pictures

Detroit-born, London-based photographer Peter Zelewski built a career in street photography before turning his attention to twins four years ago. “As a portrait photographer and as a human being, I’ve always been fascinated by twins, by that incredible bond we hear about,” he says. It was never intended as a full project, but “once I took my […]

French investigation opens after Gérard Depardieu accused of rape

The French public prosecutor has opened a preliminary investigation into rape and sexual assault allegations against the actor Gérard Depardieu, according to reports. A 22-year-old female actor made a complaint to police on Monday in Bouches-du-Rhône, southern France, over an assault alleged to have occurred at Depardieu’s home in Paris’s Left Bank between 7 and 13 August. […]

Kanye West praised Trump in a meandering speech on SNL. It didn’t air.

The artist formerly(?) known as Kanye West went on a surprising(?) pro-Trump rant at the end of his appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” which never made the air, presumably because of time. West — who had abruptly declared Saturday morning that he should now be called “Ye” — donned a red “Make America Great Again” […]

Eight New Designers To Watch From New York Fashion Week

  Global Fashion Collective is a new initiative led by Vancouver Fashion Week, a semi-annual industry event that’s been running for 32 seasons. GFC is fast becoming one of the top showcases of new talent from around the world, producing runway shows in various fashion capitals. Global Fashion Collective launched at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo in October 2017, followed […]