Don’t insist on being positive – allowing negative emotions has much to teach us

Eight years ago, when Whitney Goodman was a newly qualified therapist counselling cancer patients, it struck her that positive thinking was being “very heavily pushed”, both in her profession and the broader culture, as the way to deal with things. She wasn’t convinced that platitudes like “Look on the bright side!” and “Everything happens for […]

Magic curtains and a 36-hour blur mark the arrival of our newborn daughter

Since birth requires an overnight stay, and our daughter arrived at 9.20am, we had a minimum of 36 hours in hospital, getting to know her and giving staff the chance to do all the tests they do to make sure your child is a fully operational baby. We also spent five days in the hospital […]

Reasons to be cheerful: optimists live longer, says study

People who have a rosy outlook on the world may live healthier, longer lives because they have fewer stressful events to cope with, new research suggests. Scientists found that while optimists reacted to, and recovered from, stressful situations in much the same way as pessimists, the optimists fared better emotionally because they had fewer stressful […]

Living in a woman’s body: when my child died, my every cell hurt. She was worth every tear I shed

rief is not a medical disorder to be cured. Grief is not a spiritual crisis to be resolved. Grief is not a social woe to be addressed. Grief is, simply, to be felt in our hearts and our minds and our bodies. I’ve been writing about grief since my child died in 1994. I can remember – […]

First patients of pioneering CAR T-cell therapy ‘cured of cancer’

Two of the first human patients to be treated with a revolutionary therapy that engineers immune cells to target specific types of cancer still possess cancer-killing cells a decade later with no sign of their illness returning. The finding suggests CAR T-cell therapy constitutes a “cure” for certain blood cancers, although adapting it to treat […]

Go on, I dare you: Philippa Perry’s advice for a fulfilling new year

At the beginning of lockdown, so I wouldn’t be alone all day, I went to hang out with my husband at his art studio. I started playing with clay again, something I hadn’t done much since leaving art school decades before. I was in the studio when Grayson started his Art Club with Channel 4 and thought […]

I interviewed hundreds of people in search of the perfect routine. I realised there isn’t one

In our culture that places productivity on a pedestal, an optimised routine has been sold as the salve to all kinds of dilemmas. Lost your job? Stick to your routine. Experiencing anxiety, depression, or grief? Find a routine. Living through a pandemic? Get a new routine. Sometimes we do need the support of a schedule. […]

11 Foods That Help In Healing Knee Pain Naturally

We often go about our day not realizing just how much we rely on our knees until they start to ache. One of the most difficult pains to manage is chronic knee pain because whether you’re standing or just sitting down, your knees are engaged. Whether you’re walking, climbing stairs, biking, or even trying to […]

Glennon Doyle: ‘So many women feel caged by gender, sexuality, religion’

The marriage wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel right any more. The lightbulb moment came when she realised she needed to think about what she truly wanted, rather than about what society had trained her to think she wanted. Also, she became aware that remaining in an unhappy marriage meant she wasn’t being the parent […]

This Will Happen to Your Body if You Eat Ginger Every Day

As of late, it has become a trend to add more and more spices to our food, and that is because they improve the taste and also because some of them are great for our health. One of those spices is ginger, which is becoming a favorite worldwide. Every day we’re finding out that ginger […]

A List Of Healthy Foods You Can Eat Without Gaining Any Weight

Dieters are frequently advised to eat until they reach satiety or until they feel satisfied. The issue is that different foods have widely disparate effects on hunger and fullness. For example, 200 calories of the chicken breast may make you feel satisfied, whereas 500 calories of the cake may do so. As a result, losing […]

‘I feel like an animal in a cage’: in bed with insomniac Britain

In the small hours, thousands of people lie in bed, eyes open, mind racing, desperately hoping to nod off. What are they thinking about? We spend a long, long night with the nation’s sleepless. Paul Chan has tried hot tea, hot baths, hot-water bottles, a cold breeze from an open window, mental maths, brainteasers, very […]

Frozen lemons are great! Find out why you should try to store them in your freezer!

The second life of frozen lemons Some life hacks have been around for centuries and yet we aren’t aware of them. Freezing lemons is definitely one of them. You have probably never tried to freeze the lemons you freshly bought from the supermarket. But that should definitely change and we will explain to you why! […]

Woman eats turmeric every day – the results will amaze you

 Health Woman eats turmeric every day – the results will amaze you Turmeric is truly a miracle cure Turmeric, is a relatively unknown food in the Netherlands. That’s a shame, because if there is one product that deserves the name ‘superfood’, it is turmeric. More than 600 preventive and therapeutic uses of turmeric have already been discovered […]

Watch Out For These Symptoms That Might Indicate You Are Having A Heart Attack

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is among the leading causes of death across the globe? This has been exacerbated by the current lifestyle of our society. We typically eat unhealthy food, regular too infrequently, work too much, and sleep too little. It is too easy to ignore the signals that our body sends us […]

A List Of Healthy Foods You Can Eat Without Gaining Any Weight

Dieters are frequently advised to eat until they reach satiety or until they feel satisfied. The issue is that different foods have widely disparate effects on hunger and fullness. For example, 200 calories of the chicken breast may make you feel satisfied, whereas 500 calories of the cake may do so. As a result, losing […]

These Superfoods Will Keep Your Heart Healthy And Happy

Do you want to live a healthier life? If so, one way to go about it is to start eating healthier! Trust us, your heart will thank you for it. The superfoods you are about to see are full of everything you need to improve the well-being of your heart. Studies show that you can […]

15 Types of Food Perfect For Hair Growth

This article is perfect for you if you are suffering from reduced hair growth or even hair loss. It’s surprising how many people are suffering from this phenomenon. Many people claim hair problems are caused by preservatives, MSG, meat, pollution, and even the depleted ozone layer. But of course, there are also other factors in […]

Puppy perks: should workers get three weeks of paid leave to bond with a new pet?

Name: Pawternity leave. Age: At least five years old. Appearance: None, for up to three weeks. No appearance where? At work. It’s like paternity leave, but for dogs. My dog doesn’t have a job. Or cats, or any animal. It’s for the carer, not the pet. But why? To help the animal settle in, develop the bond between pet and owner, […]

Meditation, vodka and vinegar: can the morning routines of the rich and famous make me a better person?

Are morning people better than night owls? I was delighted to discover that they are not. The “morning morality effect” – the notion that our capacity to resist lying and cheating dwindles through the day – applies only to larks, research shows; nighthawks behave better in the evenings. Morning people do, however, have a reputation for […]

’You feel like a child again!’ Would exercising at 5am make you a happier person?

Aminute’s silence – a chance to listen to the wind and the waves crashing on to shingle, and look across the Solent to the lights of a cruise ship in the distance – and then we charge into the water, although some of us (me) are more tentative. There are shrieks and gasps from the […]

New cancer treatment destroys tumours in terminally ill, finds trial

A new cancer treatment can wipe out tumours in terminally ill patients, scientists have discovered. In a landmark trial, a cocktail of immunotherapy medications harnessed patients’ immune systems to kill their own cancer cells and prompted “a positive trend in survival”, according to researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, and the Royal Marsden NHS […]

In at the deep end: the activists plunging into the wild swimming campaign

Despite the huge boom in wild swimming, most of England’s rivers and reservoirs are still out of bounds. Now lobbyists are diving into the debate… One Saturday morning in April this year a group of swimmers assembled on the bank of Kinder Reservoir in Derbyshire and slipped into the icy pond. Signs reading “Danger Deep […]

Sleeping badly? Jump straight out of bed and get exercising

Name: Regular exercise. Age: It’s always been available, but it’s never been less popular. Appearance: Periodic bouts of strenuous activity: swimming, cycling, pilates, fleeing from predators – take your choice. What about it? It’s good for you. Is that right? It is correct, yes, according to the results of an 11-year study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. What […]

Pregnant women in England denied mental health help because of Covid

Thousands of pregnant women in England were denied vital help for their mental health because of the pandemic, analysis from leading psychiatrists shows. In 2020-21, 47,000 were expected to access perinatal mental health services to help with conditions such as anxiety and depression during or after giving birth, but only 31,261 managed to get help […]

Too much REM sleep is bad for us, as is too little

Regarding your article “Is sleep a ‘magic pill’ for teen wellness in a mental health crisis?” (8 June), sleep research tells us that good sleep isn’t just about getting enough – the right quality of sleep is key. It has long been known that worrying and stress increase the intensity of REM sleep, when most […]

Fag end: 21 unusual ways to quit smoking, from changing your teeth to taking more showers

‘Get a glass of water when the cravings hit’ I smoked 10 to 20 a day, but finally quit 11 years ago. I found getting a glass of water when the cravings hit worked really well. By the time I went to the kitchen, poured it and drank it, the peak of the craving had […]

Move of the week: how to do the plank, and ease lower back pain

This strengthens the core muscles involved in “anti-extension” – ie, any movement that resists extending the lower back – which applies to anyone who works at a desk. It uses all your abdominal muscles, but also works the legs, glutes (your bum) and shoulders. The key is to keep your hips in line with the […]

10 Benefits of Chili Peppers You Didn’t Know About

Most of us think that chili peppers just add spice to our food. The truth is, however, that chili peppers can do much more than just add flavor to your food. They can aid weight loss, relieve pain, help cure infections and even fight cancer. Here are 10 benefits of chili peppers you didn’t know […]

I love bumping into an old friend – it’s as if the universe has gift-wrapped a moment

Few would deny the awkwardness of bumping into someone you’d rather not. Not even, necessarily, somebody you dislike: perhaps it’s a colleague on the bus, and you are tired. Or it’s a friend of a friend; likable but loquacious. It’s an ex. Oh God, it’s an ex. But the discomfort of hoping your neighbour from […]

Nailbiter to keen runner: the three secrets to turning a bad habit into a good one

From looking at my phone too much to sucking air through my teeth and biting my nails, I have habits I’d like to change. Can a treadmill desk and cookery lessons with my girlfriend help? Iam going to talk to Wendy Wood about my bad habits. Professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, […]

So long, salt and vinegar: how crisp flavours went from simple to sensational

When she was a little girl in Essex in the 50s, Linda Miller would go over to her neighbour Barbara’s house every Friday night and together they would sit on the front step eating crisps. There was only one flavour widely available back then – Smith’s plain potato crisps, which came with a small blue […]

Our first Christmas as empty nesters

My husband and I don’t think we have the condition until, one day last month, hundreds of miles from home, we find ourselves outside our younger son’s university accommodation at 11.30 on a Sunday morning. I am clutching supplies in a little brown paper bag. Our son knows we’re in town, but isn’t expecting this […]

Am I happier because I’m thinner, or thinner because I’m happier?

The first time I felt body euphoria was in an Old Navy dressing room. The floor was sticky with inexplicable customer gunk, a toddler was sobbing in the next stall and I was wearing jeans five sizes smaller than usual. I gaped at my reflection in awe. It’s not just that the jeans fit; I […]

Breastfeeding reduces child obesity risk by up to 25%, WHO finds

Breastfeeding can cut the chances of a child becoming obese by up to 25%, according to a major study involving 16 countries. World Health Organisation (WHO) experts who led the Europe-wide research are calling for more help and encouragement to women to breastfeed, as well as curbs on the marketing of formula milk which, said senior […]

Fit in my 40s: boxing and dance with Pilates is a holy trinity

Sometimes the people around you – your friends, neighbours, people you don’t know but who look a bit like you – are all doing a thing, but they’ve never mentioned it, and you only find out in some random tangential way via social media. Piloxing is that thing. A mixture of Pilates, boxing and dance, […]

Even low alcohol consumption is bad news for strokes – study

A low level of alcohol consumption does not protect against stroke, new research suggests, in the latest blow to the idea that a few drinks can be beneficial to health. At least 100,000 people have strokes in the UK every year, according to recent figures. It had been thought that low levels of alcohol consumption might […]

How to wash yourself without damaging your skin

Washing too frequently tends to lead to dry skin. Showering rather than bathing, and keeping the showers short, will reduce the leaching out of the “natural moisturising factor”, a mix of compounds that helps to protect the skin’s outer layer. Overly hot water also has a drying effect, so warm or tepid water is preferable. […]

French healthcare system ‘should not fund homeopathy’

French medical and drug experts say homeopathic medicines should no longer be paid for by the country’s health system because there is no evidence they work. The conclusion in a joint report from the prestigious Academy of Medicine and the Academy of Pharmacy comes as the country’s centrist government considers halting the reimbursement of alternative health treatments. […]

How to work from home and stay healthy

When Sean Blanda started working remotely in 2017, the allure of a “digital nomad” lifestyle – working at your laptop on the beach, say – wasn’t lost on him. The ability to work flexibly, be that at home or wherever else life may take you, is the dream for every disgruntled employee who has to […]

How to clean your teeth properly

You need to systematically go round all the surfaces of your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, for at least two minutes, twice a day. Unfortunately, we live such busy lives that putting two minutes aside feels like a lifetime for some people. Your teeth tend to be a bit softer just after eating, so wait at […]

Simone Biles: ‘I go to therapy, because at times I didn’t want to set foot in the gym’

Simone Biles, four-times world champion, winner of three individual Olympic gold medals and arguably one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, is 4ft 8in, but this is not how she appears when in flight. In the hangar-like space of the World Champions Center, a gym complex in a suburb of Houston, Texas, she stands […]

Holy fudge: soft foods helped humans form ‘f’ and ‘v’ sounds – study

The texts of the 16th century were first to record the F-word for posterity. It appeared in William Dunbar’s poem A Brash of Wowing in 1503 and later, thanks to an angry monk, in a note scrawled in the margin of a 1528 copy of De Officiis, Cicero’s moral manifesto. But according to researchers, the English […]

After a close shave with murder, life in the Arctic helped me overcome debilitating fear

In recent years I’ve often felt on top of the world, but I also know what it’s like to teeter on the edge of the precipice, unsure whether I could save myself. Six years ago, I was an author with two conspiracy thrillers under my belt; both were bestsellers in Denmark and my path as […]

Moving the body, boosting the mind: running your way to better mental health

As little as 10 minutes of regular exercise can help alleviate depression. But even professionals don’t always make the link between mental and physical health. One convert explains how it helped her. Ionce lived a life almost ruled by anxiety, intrusive thoughts and paralysing fear. I spent years looking for the thing that would release […]

Pillowy bellies and engorged breasts: Mothercare’s ad and the pleasure of post-birth bodies

Coming in at No 6 on the list of “Shocking things about having a baby that no *$&*%er ever told you beforehand” (after “You will bleed for up to six weeks”, but before “You will become public property”) is: “Having a baby will fundamentally change your body.” So praise where it’s due to the team […]

Seven ways to improve your breathing

It may be instinctive, but stress, anxiety, posture and a host of other factors can affect the quality of our breathing. Become aware of your breath Breathing is so instinctive, you may have developed habits you are not aware of. Start by monitoring your breathing for 48 hours, particularly at moments when you are stressed […]

Witch ways: knowing your heart’s desire is modern witchcraft

Our fascination with witches has long surpassed witchcraft being a crime punishable by death. They are a cultural obsession, it seems, that is always with us in one guise or another. In recent weeks it’s been Netflix’s reboot of Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaand Sky One’s A Discovery of Witches, as well as an episode of Doctor Whofocusing on […]

Is kombucha good for you?

When David Begg first approached pubs around the UK about the possibility of stocking non-alcoholic kombucha drinks, he was greeted with a mixture of bewilderment and defiance. “Back then, there were still a lot of pub owners saying, ‘My pub is for people who want to drink alcohol. I want to sell beer and wine,’” says Begg, […]

Bitter pill: why aspirin is not such a wonder drug

Aspirin has long been believed to help prevent heart attacks and strokes, and some studies have shown it to have a protective effect against some cancers. As a result, some people religiously pop a low-dose aspirin after breakfast every day (never take one on an empty stomach). But now its status as a wonder drug […]

Doms away! Is delayed onset muscle soreness inevitable after a workout?

Taking part in any unusual exercise can leave your muscles feeling tender and sore, but can you reduce or even prevent the pain? Experts explain what works and what doesn’t If you have upped your training routine, returned to exercise after some time off or given a new activity a go, the chances are you […]

Here’s what happens to your body if you eat honey and cinnamon every day

Honey and cinnamon are two ingredients that taste very much together. These two ingredients are not just tasty together but the combination provides amazing benefits to your health as well. It’s true. For thousands of years, people have used these two ingredients to cure some health illness. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine used cannabis as […]

Healthy hair

Burned and broken blades on the two are an inevitable problem. Hiding the tire is not just an aesthetic issue but is essential to hair health. The creation of burning peaks comes as a result of the loss of keratin in the least protected areas of hair. Drying and combing frequently, the use of hot […]

This is the only fruit that balances hormonal disorders

Avocado is one of the most valuable products for health so that we will not be lying if we say that this wondrous fruit is the only one that helps you restore hormonal balance, lose weight, and protect yourself from cancer. 5 reasons why you should consume avocado: 1. Improves heart health: Avocado balances blood […]

These are the only two spices that melt excessive fat after the holidays

Talking about healthy foods, today we know you with two spices that, if properly mixed, melt the fat and the excess kilograms. 1. Black Piper: Everyone has happened to sneeze after you smell black pepper. There is nothing to worry about, it happens because the black caster has in its contents pepper, one of the […]

Dementia May Never Improve, but Many Patients Still Can Learn

He was a retired factory worker, living with his wife outside a small town in Wales, in the United Kingdom. Once outgoing and sociable, engaged in local activities including a community choir, he’d been jolted by a diagnosis of early dementia. A few months later, at 70, he wouldn’t leave the house alone, fearful that […]

Fitness tips: a 25-minute home workout

This can be done in between even the most awkward of family Christmas catch-ups. Repeat each move for 45 secs. 1 Glute bridges Lie on your back with feet hip-distance apart, knees bent. Move heels forward. Raise hips off the floor, keeping tailbone tucked, then slowly lower down. 2 Chair push-up Place a chair against a wall. Get into […]

Blood sugar and body weight

For years, food experts have been trying to come up with a diet to ensure weight loss. The massive production of low or fat-free low-fat varieties has not helped solve the obesity problem in the United States and the various diets have yielded results to only a handful of people. Now some scientists say there […]

Honey and garlic together will save you from these diseases

There is no family that does not hold at least one garlic in the kitchen. You may not like garlic, but you must know very well that it is an antibacterial medicinal plant that helps to heal many diseases. Among many other illnesses, garlic helps in treating Cough Mouth pain Cold Skin Infection Garlic is […]

Kids always want to stay up late. But what’s the optimum time for them – and you – to go to bed?

Bedtime can be a battle for many parents, with more than half in a recent study saying it is the single most stressful time of their day – and almost two-thirds of respondents telling Disney’s Parenting Hacks podcast that their kids won’t sleep until after 10pm. So, what time should we go to bed? It […]

Butt seriously: how bottoms became a fitness obsession

The hottest gym in LA right now is Bünda: Portuguese slang for bum, the “home of the better butt” – a gym entirely dedicated to working your posterior. It promises a “total body change”: “Once you Bünda, you will never look back … well, maybe for a selfie.” The trend has hit UK gyms, too, with […]

Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu (To Help Recover Faster)

When the flu bites, when the cold stings … these are a few of my least favorite things! (And I bet I’m not alone!) Fortunately, it is possible to protect against some cases of illness with natural remedies that boost the body’s amazing natural immune system. Even once an illness has struck, there are things […]

Spain plans to ban alternative medicine in health centres

The Spanish government has announced plans to eradicate alternative medicine such as acupuncture or homeopathy from health centres. The proposal, unveiled by the science and health ministers, aims to avoid the “potential harmful effects” of the practices when they are used as an alternative or a complement to treatment that is itself based on “proof […]

Seven ways to manage a panic attack

Learn what’s happening to your body When it comes to panic attacks, knowledge is power. Although it won’t stop them from occurring, being aware of exactly what is happening to you physiologically and why can prevent your panic from escalating – plus it means you will be less likely to mistake it for a more […]

Is coffee healthy?

Yes, go ahead and grab that cup of joe, or two, or more. Doing so may improve your health and help youlive longer, suggests new research. In an observational study involving close to 20,000 individuals, people who consumed at least four cups of coffee daily had a 64% lower risk of early deathcompared to those never […]

Should you try ‘souping’?

When I first heard of “souping,” it brought me back to my clinical days working in a hospital, where pureed soups and other easy to digest foods — also known as “full liquids” — would be prescribed for patients recovering from gastrointestinal surgery, or those who had difficulty chewing or swallowing. Then I reflected upon […]

Is a low-salt diet as unhealthy as having to much ?

Some scientists are arguing that a low-salt diet is just as dangerous as high salt consumption. What’s the reality? Last year a video of Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe lovingly seasoning a massive steak with a pinch of salt amassed millions of views online and earned him the nickname ‘salt bae’. But it wasn’t just his attention to […]

‘I thought it was a miracle. Then I started shaking’: the danger of buying diet pills online

They promise instant results, but put lives at risk. So why is the market booming? Elaine Gormley was desperate when she turned to slimming pills. She had been obese since childhood, but lost a significant amount of weight by going to Slimming World classes in her early 20s. But by 2012, following a breakup and […]

Gender inequality linked to deaths of girls under 5, new analysis says

In countries where women face more unequal treatment in society, young girls have a lower chance of survival, a new analysis finds. Gender inequality is linked to more deaths than expected among girls under the age of 5 compared with boys of the same age, especially in lower- and middle-income countries, says the study, published Tuesday. […]

Butter nonsense: the rise of the cholesterol deniers

A group of scientists has been challenging everything we know about cholesterol, saying we should eat fat and stop taking statins. This is not just bad science – it will cost lives, say experts. Butter is back. Saturated fat is good for you. Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. Claims along these lines […]

All About Magnificent Dandelions

Steals are great to be consumed when our body needs more vitamins. Leads are fantastic wild plants. They rank among vitamin K-rich plants, a potent anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing ingredient. Their bitter taste is like a curtain behind which a wide range of wonderful health and nutritional values ​​are hidden. Leads are very healthy especially when […]

No more snooze button: a complete guide to waking up feeling fantastic

As the clocks go back and days get shorter, it can be hard to get out of bed. But, from dawn simulators to a regular wakeup time, here are 16 ways to start the day well. Do you wake up to the sound of birdsong or an electronic ringtone? Perhaps you use a dawn simulator […]

Is alkaline water a miracle cure – or BS? The science is in

Beyonce and Tom Brady swear by it – but experts throw cold water on the new beverage fad. My friend Kate has become very basic lately. She seems to have a bottle of alkaline water with her at all times and, the way she goes on about it, you’d think it was the elixir of […]

Can men get postnatal depression?

More than a quarter of new fathers in a new study showed significant levels of depression – what are the causes, and what can they do about it? Men don’t go through pregnancy or childbirth. Their hormone levels don’t nosedive. They don’t get sore nipples. What exactly have they got to be depressed about? Quite […]

Is owning a dog good for your health?

A new study suggests canine-lovers could be 23% less likely to die from heart disease – or it could just be that healthier people prefer dogs. Dogs really are our best friends, according to a Swedish study that says canine ownership could reduce heart disease. A study of 3.4 million people between the ages of 40 and […]

No more snooze button: a complete guide to waking up feeling fantastic

Now the clocks have gone back and the days are getting shorter, it can be hard to get out of bed. But, from dawn simulators to a regular wakeup time, here are 16 ways to start the day well Do you wake up to the sound of birdsong or an electronic ringtone? Perhaps you use […]

Breastfeeding rate declines in England as advice goes unheeded

The number of women in England still breastfeeding six to eight weeks after the birth of a child has declined, according to Public Health England (PHE). Just over four in 10 mothers (42.7%) breastfeed their babies when they are six weeks old, according to 2017-18 data. The rate was 43.1% in 2015-16 and 43.8% for […]

What your sexual fantasies say about you

We all fantasize, whether that means daydreaming about a tropical island or telling off your boss. Although you might not act on your fantasies, they can provide a healthy outlet for stress and even inspire you to make positive changes in your life. Sexual fantasies are no different — and they can offer a glimpse […]

What’s Life Like After Depression? Surprisingly, Little Is Known

A generation ago, depression was viewed as an unwanted guest: a gloomy presence that might appear in the wake of a loss or a grave disappointment and was slow to find the door. The people it haunted could acknowledge the poor company — I’ve been a little depressed since my father died — without worrying that they […]

Does Botox curb your sexual pleasure?

New research suggests women find it harder to orgasm after having botulinum treatment – but not everyone is convinced this means facial expressions are key to feeling pleasure. Most people dread the idea of anyone seeing their sex face, but it may be saving their sex life. According to research by Cardiff University, women experience […]

Can’t sleep? Perhaps you’re overtired

We’re used to seeing toddlers who can’t switch off at bedtime. But some experts think that our ‘always on’ lifestyles mean that many adults have the same problem Nerina Ramlakhan remembers when her daughter was a toddler, and how if she got too tired she would be unable to switch off. “There was a healthy […]

Seven ways to beat stress

1. Identify the cause If you are having problems with tense muscles, overtiredness, headaches or migraines, it is quite possibly stress-related. Is it your job, relationship, living situation or something else? Problems can be divided into three categories: those with a practical solution, those that will get better with time and those outside your control. Learn […]

Blood tales: the magic liquid that keeps us alive

Igo running around a lake and brambles scratch me. The wounds should heal quickly on my legs, but they don’t, because I scratch the scratches, and I scratch and scratch. I have always been this brutal with healing injuries, but usually my skin healed them fine. Now that I am menopausal, and my collagen is […]

Prostate cancer: radiotherapy could extend thousands of lives, study finds

Radiotherapy could increase the chances of survival for thousands of men with prostate cancer that has already spread by the time they are diagnosed, new research suggests. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men in the UK. About 47,000 are diagnosed every year and around 11,500 die. Significant numbers of men are not […]

Suffering of childbirth is made acceptable by its glorification

I agree with your columnist Chitra Ramaswamy that Keira Knightley should not be criticised for being open about how vaginal childbirth can be messy, painful and mutilating (The attacks on Keira Knightley are misogynist, G2, 10 October). The suffering of childbirth is made acceptable by its glorification, in the same way that soldiers are fooled […]

Seven ways to build your physical stamina

1. Make sure you exercise It may seem counterintuitive, but exercising more when you are low on energy or stamina could actually help in the long term. A study in 2017 found that regular exercise had a positive impact on fatigue, while another suggested prescribing it to older adults to improve their stamina. 2. Mix it up If you […]

Four steps to a younger, smarter brain

Brain health is key to successful ageing, and it involves several mental functions including memory, reasoning and planning. Memory defines who we are – without memory we have no past, cannot plan for the future and are unable to enjoy the present. Our reasoning and planning skills help us create and maintain healthy lifestyle habits that protect […]

Anemia is cured with this foods.

One day as you climb the stairs you feel a lot of fatigue. Then you understand that your heart beats hard , without any obvious reason. Than u get scared and go to the doctor. Fortunately, it’s not a bad thing but it says you have low hemoglobin and is just anemia. Then you ask […]

Oral health in poor children

Children are the future of the World and care for them is always useful. We try to grow them day by day. Mother’s are the ones that show more care with them, and fathers are also taking a special role in their growth and care. Oral care has a special role and dynamics in the […]

The age of envy: how to be happy when everyone else’s life looks perfect

One night about five years ago, just before bed, I saw a tweet from a friend announcing how delighted he was to have been shortlisted for a journalism award. I felt my stomach lurch and my head spin, my teeth clench and my chest tighten. I did not sleep until the morning. Another five years […]

Drink Good Do Good: John Legend and Misty Copeland Lead Naked Juice’s Latest Charitable Campaign

As a kid, John Legend experienced a great deal of food insecurity. “We had a grocery store that had fresh vegetables and fruit, but there were so many people in my community who were on food stamps and barely had enough to feed their families,” says the award-winning musician, who grew up with three siblings in Springfield, Ohio. […]

Trauma and fibromyalgia: could Kavanaugh have triggered Lena Dunham’s flare-up?

If you felt physically sick at Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to thesupreme court, you are not alone. Lena Dunham, the writer and star of the HBO series Girls, links a flare-up of her fibromyalgia to Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of Kavanaugh’s abuse. She told her Instagram followers: “It felt like every cell in my neck was singing … Yesterday, I […]

Seven ways to cut back on alcohol

1. Find a solid reason for drinking less Most of us know that alcohol is related to health problems, including liver disease, diabetes and heart disease, but we tend to assume they won’t affect us. So, if those risks don’t persuade you to stop, find something that will – such as the effect of booze on your […]

Sleep: how much do we really need?

Why do we sleep? “The only known function of sleep is to cure sleepiness,” the Harvard sleep scientist Dr J Allan Hobson once joked. This isn’t quite true, but the questions of why we spend about a third of our lives asleep and what goes on in our head during this time are far from […]

No time for the gym? Then try HIIT, the workout you can do anywhere

It doesn’t take much time to improve your health. HIIT has become a staple in the fitness world and for good reason: it’s the time-efficient, super-effective way to get fitter that’s backed by science. But it doesn’t always have to mean donning your lycra – in fact, research shows that as little as a minute of HIIT […]

How the Finnish lifestyle of getting drunk while wearing pants became the new hygge

Many of us are familiar with the idea of stripping to our pants, opening a beer and watching TV. But in Finland ‘Pantsdrunk’ has been elevated to an official activity. It’s been a long day: one meeting after another. You leave your office, happy the working day is finally over. You could head out, network […]

Fit in my 40s: ‘My first hot yoga session is a nightmare. Hell’

“Don’t push it if you don’t feel well, certainly don’t faint. It’s just not worth it, and it’s annoying for me.” My yoga instructor tells it how it is. Fierce Grace yoga has gained a lot of traction among the hardcore: Bikram-high temperatures, 90-minute sessions, postures I have never seen outside the internet. In truth, when you’re […]

Tropoja’s mountain tea

Tropoja’s mountain tea is known for its medicinal properties, its characteristic of other tea’s in Albania is that it has a stronger color and flavor.  With the coming of winter season its use is daily. It is known as Sideritis is a wild plant that is adapted to survive with little water and little soil. […]

How to make time for self-care at work

You’re never going to bring your best self to work unless you have the ability to look after that self . I have a job in a startup and work really hard from 9am-8pm, then just want to crash out on the sofa before getting up and going through it all again. How do I make […]

Fit in my 40s: can’t sleep? Try these six tricks

I cannot tell you which of these things worked: I can only tell you that one of them did Insomniacs say it’s the only malady in the world that people who don’t suffer it treat with naked glee. “Really? I sleep like a baby!” they will exclaim, as if the good sleeper has actually won […]

Night terrors: what do anxiety dreams mean?

These are anxious times – but how does this affect our sleep, and what can we learn from the exam crises and missed trains that haunt the small hours Antonio Zadra, a psychologist, is sharing a memory of a horrific experience at sea. He had almost made it to shore, but knew he was about […]

Science confirms what the heart already knows: Hugs really do make you feel better

Feeling down in the dumps? Stressed? A little off-kilter because of some disagreement? Hug it out! A new study suggests that just reaching out and touching someone — consensually, of course — can reduce bad feelings associated with the typical ups and downs of our social interactions. The study from the Department of Psychology at […]

Here’s how much fast food Americans are eating

Fast food has become a major part of the American diet, and a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals just how many adults eat it. Between 2013 and 2016, about 37% of US adults consumed fast food on any given day, according to the data brief published Wednesday by the National Center for […]

Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms severe, says new report

Existing guidance that symptoms are minimal leads to misdiagnosis and ‘harmful long-term prescribing Half of all those taking antidepressants experience withdrawal problems when they try to give them up and for millions of people in England, these are severe, according to a new review of the evidence commissioned by MPs. Guidance from the National Institute […]

How to make time for self-care at work

I have a job in a startup and work really hard from 9am-8pm, then just want to crash out on the sofa before getting up and going through it all again. How do I make time for self-care, such as the gym? At my company, no one goes to the gym during the day. It’s a […]