No 10 refuses to say if it will reveal if Johnson is fined over Covid breach

Downing Street has refused to confirm whether it will reveal if Boris Johnson or any No 10 staff receive fines for breaching Covid rules after a Metropolitan police investigation. No 10 has pledged to “publish what we receive” from Sue Gray, after Johnson was challenged to publicly commit to publishing the full report on Downing Street parties […]

Basha Reelected Leader of Albania’s Democrats Despite Election Rout

Less than two months after his party lost the general elections on 25 April for the third time to the Socialist Party, Lulzim Basha won internal leadership elections, confirming his grip on the party for the next four years. The party now is in a difficult position after losing elections for a third time and […]

Ministri i Jashtëm grek sot në Tiranë, takon Ramën e Metën për marrëveshjen e detit. Pritet protestë nga PDIU

Ministri i jashtëm grek, Nikos Dendias, sot do të vizitojë zyrtarisht Tiranën për marrëveshjen e detit Shqipëri-Greqi, ndërsa kjo vizitë pritet të shoqërohet me protesta nga Shoqata Çamëria dhe përfaqësuesit e PDIU. Mediat greke shkruajnë se pikërisht kjo do të jetë temë diskutimi dhe qëllimi i vizitës së Dendias për marrëveshjen e 2009 që nuk […]

Romania’s Local Polls Seen as Test Run for December Election

Over 18 million of Romanians are entitled to cast votes on Sunday to decide who will run their municipalities and provincial councils for the next four years, in an election that is likely to shape the run-up to parliamentary elections due on December 6. The battle for control of the capital, Bucharest, where the incumbent […]


Hungary’s first solely reader-funded news site to launch with a little help from foreign friends; a football match in front of fans even as COVID returns with a vengeance to the region; and ructions within the Polish government. Former journalists at Index are readying the launch of Hungary’s first solely reader-funded news site, to be called Telex. […]

UK to celebrate Brexit with flags and ‘light display’

Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to mark January 31 with a light show, a countdown and a special address. No. 10 will mark the U.K.’s exit at 11 p.m. with a light display in Westminster, which will include a countdown clock projected onto the black bricks of Downing Street. Other buildings on Whitehall will also […]

Trump’s impeachment, starring Bill Clinton

President Donald Trump may be the one fighting in the Senate to keep his job, but on Capitol Hill and across the country, it can feel like someone else is still on trial: Bill Clinton. Clinton’s own impeachment trial, once a fading cultural artifact in the C-SPAN archives, has suddenly received new life. The Washington […]

Pompeo says killing of Suleimani is part of ‘bigger strategy’ to deter US foes

Qassem Suleimani was killed as part of a broader strategy of deterring challenges by US foes that also applies to China and Russia, the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said, further diluting the assertion that the senior Iranian general was targeted because he was plotting imminent attacks on US assets. In his speech at Stanford […]

Post-Brexit UK always welcome back in EU, says Timmermans

Britain has been unnecessarily damaged by Brexit and “more will follow”, the vice-president of the European commission has written in a “love letter” to the British people in which he promises a warm welcome back should attitudes change. Frans Timmermans, who is Ursula von der Leyen’s deputy in her role as European commission president, writes that British scepticism […]

Brexit: Labour braced for showdown over second referendum

Labour is braced for a showdown over whether to back a referendum on any Brexit deal when the party’s governing body meets to agree its draft European elections manifesto on Tuesday. Party sources suggested the party was likely to agree a compromise option where it would support a referendum in order to prevent Theresa May’s Brexit deal or leaving […]

Public thinks EU referendum was bad idea, says poll

More than half the public – 55% – now think it would have been better never to have held the EU referendum given the difficulties of reaching an agreement on Brexit, according to the latest Opinium/Observer poll. Strikingly, more Conservative voters (49%) now think the referendum was a bad idea than believe it was the right […]

Salvini ‘crossed red line’ with refugee boat policy, says military

Italian military officials have accused Matteo Salvini of “unprecedented interference” as tension mounts over the far-right interior minister’s policy of closing ports to rescued migrants. Salvini, who is also Italy’s deputy prime minister, sent a letter to the heads of the navy and coastguard reportedly ordering them to maintain the policy by paying close attention to events at […]

UK likely to be offered Brexit extension until end of year

Britain appeared set to be offered a final long extension ending on 31 December after Donald Tusk, the European council president, said granting Theresa May her request for a shorter Brexit delay risked damaging uncertainty for businesses and citizens. Despite a whistle-stop tour by the prime minister to Paris and Berlin, the EU’s capitals remain unconvinced that […]

Brexiter MPs pursue fresh bid to oust May by indicative votes

A fresh attempt to oust Theresa May is under way over her decision to enter into talks with Jeremy Corbyn, with leading Brexiter MPs plotting ways to force a vote showing that the majority of the party has lost confidence in her. Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee, has rebuffed calls from backbenchers for […]

France maintains hardline stance on no-deal Brexit

France has reiterated its opposition to Britain being granted any further Brexit extension if it does not have a concrete plan with clear support in the House of Commons, saying that without that Britain must be deemed to have chosen to leave the EU without a deal. Theresa May wrote to the president of the European council, […]

Mueller report: House committee approves subpoenas for full version

The House judiciary committee has approved subpoenas for special counsel Robert Mueller’s full Russia report, as Democrats intensify pressure on the justice department to release the document without redactions. The committee voted 24-17 along party lines to give judiciary committee chairman Jerrold Nadler, the Democratic congressman from New York, permission to issue subpoenas to the justice department […]

Corbyn and May agree to more talks after ‘constructive’ first day

Jeremy Corbyn will resume Brexit talks with the prime minister on Thursday, after Labour tensions over a second referendum burst into the open, with the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, writing to colleagues to insist any pact must be put to a public vote. Both Labour and Downing Street described the discussions as “constructive” and said they would […]

Theresa May to resign before next phase of Brexit

Theresa May has promised Tory MPs she will step down as prime minister within the next few months in a bid to get Eurosceptics to back her Brexit deal. The prime minister indicated she would resign only if her Brexit deal passes in order to allow a new leader to shape the UK’s future relationship with the EU. […]

No-deal Brexit: UK to pay some health costs of retired Britons in EU

The government has thrown a potential £500m Brexit lifeline to 180,000 British pensioners in EU countries outside the UK who rely on the NHS to pay for their healthcare. Health minister Stephen Hammond has said the government is committed to covering all treatments that began before exit day for up to 12 months afterwards in the event of […]

Brexit: John Bercow rules out third meaningful vote on same deal

The House of Commons Speaker has thwarted any attempt by Theresa May to bring a third meaningful vote to parliament, unless there has been substantial change to the Brexit deal. With Theresa May’s plans thrown into chaos by the move, one of her chief law officers warned the government could be forced to cut short the parliamentary […]

Brexit: ministers trying to win over DUP in talks on legal guarantees

The Democratic Unionist party is to continue intensive talks to try to reach an agreement to allow it to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal, with discussions focusing on domestic legal guarantees that Northern Ireland will have no regulatory divergence with the rest of the UK. Downing Street is hopeful that the support of the DUP is key […]

Donald Trump issues first veto in bid to secure border wall funding

The US president issued the veto after Congress voted to end his declaration of a national emergency at the US-Mexico border. Democrats said they will try to override it, though it’s unlikely they will be able to do so. US President Donald Trump signed his first veto on Friday, overruling a resolution that the US Congress […]

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is ‘not a state of all its citizens’

Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel is “not a state of all its citizens”, in a reference to the country’s Arab population. In comments on Instagram, the prime minister went on to say all citizens, including Arabs, had equal rights, but he referred to a deeply controversial law passed last year declaring Israel the nation state of the Jewish […]

Brexit meaningful vote will go ahead, says No 10, despite talks stalling

Downing Street has insisted the meaningful vote on Theresa May’s Brexitdeal will go ahead as promised on Tuesday, despite negotiations in Brussels stumbling. The prime minister’s spokesman repeated the line on Wednesday that the government is determined to secure “legally binding changes” to the Irish backstop, despite the attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, returning empty-handed from the talks. […]

EU must learn from Brexit and reform, says Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron has called for a new European agency to fight against international cyber-attacks and the manipulation of election campaigns, as well as a ban on foreign powers funding European parties, as he set out plans to overhaul the EU in response to Britain’s vote to leave. The French president, a pro-European centrist, made the rare […]

French senators say ex-Macron aide should be investigated for perjury

Emmanuel Macron is under renewed pressure after a senate committee recommended his former security aide Alexandre Benalla should be investigated for perjury and accused the French president’s office of “serious failings”. The committee’s report on the “Benalla Affair” said “major dysfunction” was apparent in the president’s office and said they believed there was evidence that Macron’s security had been […]

Williamson accused of ‘gunboat diplomacy’ over China warship threat

Philip Hammond is not going to China this weekend for trade talks, following reports that Beijing scuppered advanced preparations for a meeting after the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, threatened to deploy a warship in the Pacific. The UK chancellor was expected to meet the Chinese vice premier, Hu Chunhua, but Treasury sources said the trip was […]

Trump poised to declare emergency as Congress approves shutdown deal

Donald Trump has vowed to declare a national emergency as a way of funding his long-promised border wall with Mexico, as Congress overwhelmingly approved a border security agreement that would prevent a second damaging government shutdown. After days of uncertainty, Trump announced his intention to support the massive $333bn-spending package, which includes on a sliver of […]

Revealed: wife of Putin’s spokesman faces questions over US tax affairs

Questions have been raised about the US tax affairs of the wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, after records suggested she may have failed to declare her true income to US regulators and not disclosed foreign bank accounts. Tatiana Navka, a former Olympic ice dancing champion, also appears to have wrongly claimed a potentially beneficial US tax […]

Brexiter MPs unmoved by EU hint at legal assurance on backstop

A suggestion by one of the EU’s most powerful officials of possible further legal assurances on the Irish backstop has failed to win over Brexiter MPs, leading to heightened talk of the UK leaving the bloc with no deal. After a meeting with Martin Selmayr on Monday, the cross-party Brexit select committee emerged clear that the European […]

Trump ally Roger Stone hedges bets on cooperation with Robert Mueller

Longtime Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone said on Sunday he would have to consult with his attorneys about potentially cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. “That’s a question I’ll have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion,” Stone said on ABC’s This Week. “If […]

Cabinet Office compares no-deal Brexit to Iceland ash cloud chaos

The repercussions for the UK of a no-deal Brexit could be similar to the national emergency faced by Iceland during the volcanic eruptions in 2010 that brought parts of the country to a standstill, according to advice being given to civil servants. The warning comes from the Cabinet Office, which is coordinating training for thousands of staff […]

Michel Barnier says opposing no-deal Brexit will not stop it in March

Michel Barnier has warned that the move led by Labour MP Yvette Cooper to block the prime minister from delivering a no-deal Brexit is doomed to fail unless a majority for an alternative agreement is found. The EU’s chief negotiator, in a speech in Brussels, said the “default” for the UK was still crashing out if […]

MPs to ambush May with amendments to stop no-deal Brexit

MPs are to ambush Theresa May’s statement on Monday with amendments aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit, as well as paving the way for “indicative votes” to show whether any proposal can command a parliamentary majority. The Labour frontbench is undecided as to whether to back either proposal. Yvette Cooper, chair of the home affairs select committee, […]

EU preparing to delay Brexit until at least July

The EU is preparing to delay Brexit until at least July after concluding that Theresa May is doomed to fail in getting her deal through parliament. The country’s 29 March deadline for exiting the EU is now regarded by Brussels as highly unlikely to be met given the domestic opposition facing the prime minister and it is […]

Trump Says ‘Not Much Headway’ in Talks as Shutdown Enters Third Week

WASHINGTON — As a partial government shutdown entered its third week, negotiations between Vice President Mike Pence and congressional aides from both parties yielded little progress on Saturday while the impact on government services and on federal workers was worsening by the day. “Not much headway made today,” President Trump conceded on Twitter, not long […]

Here’s who visited Tirana today

Today in some media it is reported that NATO’s Deputy Secretary General may have canceled his visit to Albania due to protests. But the Defense Ministry officially confirmed to the media that NATO’s Deputy Secretary General, Mrs. Rose Gottemoeller, has not canceled her official visit to Tirana because of the protests that are underway for […]

PS, appeals PD-LSI: Come to the Assembly to vote Electoral Reform!

The Speaker of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, during today’s plenary session in the Assembly, said that the majority has almost a final draft for the Electoral Reform. “An analysis of the current performance of judicial reform since three basic justice institutions were chosen. They open the way for the election […]

EU will negotiate if May loses Commons Brexit vote, says Prodi

The EU will come back to the negotiating table if parliament votes down Theresa May’s deal with Brussels, according to Romano Prodi, a former European commission president. Prodi, who twice served as Italian prime minister and had Jean-Claude Juncker’s job until 2004, said that the EU needed to do everything it could to avoid the […]

Trump lashes out at Mueller after bombshell Cohen and Manafort filings

Donald Trump has lashed out at the federal investigation into Russian election meddling, after court filings produced the most direct evidence yet linking him to criminal conduct. The president reacted after bombshell sentencing memos submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller and the southern district of New York prompted some Democrats in Congress to openly countenance impeachment proceedings. Early on […]

Trump at bay: failure looms as Democrats load ‘subpoena cannon’

There was sunshine, palm trees and the endless expanse of ocean. There was golf with Jack Nicklaus, the most successful player of all time. There was a dinner that included stone crab, oysters, jumbo shrimp and clams; turkey, beef tenderloin, lamb and salmon; Chilean sea bass, red snapper and braised short ribs. But as Donald Trump spent […]

Not sad but defiant: Theresa May makes case for Brexit deal

Theresa May has insisted she is not sad that Britain is leaving the EU, as she made a direct appeal to the public to back her deal, saying: “The British people don’t want to spend any time arguing about Brexit.” The prime minister was speaking after EU leaders met for a special summit in Brussels and […]

Brexit: toppling me won’t help negotiations, May tells rebel Tory MPs

Theresa May has said that as far as she knows there are not yet enough Conservative MPs moving against her to spark a leadership contest, and that replacing her would not help deliver Brexit. The prime minister is facing open calls for her resignation from Brexiter MPs after she released a much-criticised draft agreement for leaving […]

John Kerry: US ‘cannot afford truculent child president’

America cannot afford “a truculent child president” if it is to fulfil its global leadership role, the former US secretary of state John Kerry said on Thursday as he lambasted Donald Trump for failing to attend a key Armistice Day commemoration ceremony in Paris at the weekend. Kerry is visiting the UK to promote his book and […]

Macedonia’s Gruevski Fled via Albania and Montenegro, Police Confirm

Macedonia’s ex-Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski used a Hungarian embassy car to flee through Albania and Montenegro on his way to Hungary, where he has requested political asylum, Albania police confirmed. Albania police confirmed on Thursday evening that Macedonia’s former Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, travelled through Albania to Montenegro on November 11 via the Hani I […]

Angela Merkel’s legacy: has she saved or destroyed Europe?

German leader retires with reputation both for calm reliability and lack of vision. Angela Merkel’s approach to a problem, wrote one of her biographers, is “to sit it out”. Rather than entertain grand ideas of a “historic mission” or “strategic vision”, she aims to “solve today’s problems, in a way that ensures she stays in […]

Trump has abandoned civility. And so has the Republican party

Vulgar and impulsive, shredding the social fabric is what Trump unapologetically does Donald Trump, meet Avery Brundage, the former president of the International Olympic Committee. Back in the day, the day being September 1972, Brundage declared that the Munich Olympics “must go on” after Palestinian terrorists had massacred 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team – the same […]

Feel the love, feel the hate – my week in the cauldron of Trump’s wild rallies

There is no understanding Donald Trump without understanding his rallies. They are the crucible of the Trump revolution, the laboratory where he turns his alternative reality into a potion to be sold to his followers. It is at his rallies that his radical reimagining of the US constitution takes shape: not “We the people”, but […]

Jair Bolsonaro declared Brazil’s next president

A far-right, pro-gun, pro-torture populist has been elected as Brazil’s next president after a drama-filled and deeply divisive election that looks set to radically reforge the future of the world’s fourth biggest democracy. Jair Bolsonaro, a 63-year-old former paratrooper who built his campaign around pledges to crush corruption, crime and a supposed communist threat, secured […]

Erdoğan tells Saudis: show us where Jamal Khashoggi’s body is

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has made fresh demands on Saudi Arabia to disclose the location of Jamal Khashoggi’s body and identify who ordered his killing, in a sign that Ankara is willing to keep up the pressure on the beleaguered kingdom. Eighteen men arrested in Saudi Arabia “must know” who killed the journalist and […]

Could Donald Trump Jr be the next US president? Be afraid

George W Bush followed in his father’s footsteps and Don Jr’s involvement in the midterm elections campaign makes clear that he, too, has political ambitions. How far will he go? Name: Donald Trump Jr. Age: 40. Appearance: As if someone tried to make an off-brand Mr Potato Head toy. That’s a bit mean. Would you say that about Malia Obama? Of course […]

Trump and G.O.P. Candidates Escalate Race and Fear as Election Ploys

President Trump on Monday sharply intensified a Republican campaign to frame the midterm elections as a battle over immigration and race, issuing a dark and factually baseless warning that “unknown Middle Easterners” were marching toward the American border with Mexico. The unsubstantiated charge marked an escalation of Mr. Trump’s efforts to stoke fears about foreigners […]

Catalonia’s independence struggle has hit Barcelona’s reputation, says Valls

Manuel Valls has warned that the Catalan independence movement’s “failed” attempts to bring about a sovereign republic have left the region frustrated and divided, hindering efforts to develop Barcelona as “a great European capital”. The former French prime minister, who is hoping to become Barcelona’s mayor in next year’s municipal elections, said the push for independence had caused […]

John Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty

John Bolton is pushing for the US to withdraw from a cold war-era arms control treaty with Russia, in the face of resistance from others in the Trump administration and US allies, according to sources briefed on the initiative. Bolton, Donald Trump’s third national security adviser, has issued a recommendation for withdrawal from the 1987 intermediate-range nuclear […]

Trump says it appears Khashoggi is dead and consequences could be ‘severe’

Donald Trump has said he presumes that Jamal Khashoggi is dead, and said the consequences for Saudi Arabia could be “very severe” if its leaders are found to have ordered the dissident journalist’s killing. Trump made the remarks after being briefed on the investigation by his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, on Pompeo’s return from a trip […]

Bavaria election: Merkel’s conservative allies humiliated

Angela Merkel’s conservative partners in Bavaria have had their worst election performance for more than six decades, in a humiliating state poll result that is likely to further weaken Germany’s embattled coalition government. The Christian Social Union secured 37.3% of the vote, preliminary results showed, losing the absolute majority in the prosperous southern state it […]

Theresa May’s domestic vulnerability puts Brexit talks on knife-edge

The Brexit negotiations are on a knife-edge as Theresa May’s domestic vulnerability over the Irish border threatens to kill off hopes of an October deal, with the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, forced to make a dash to Brussels to seek more time from the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier. Days before the crunch leaders’ summit at which […]

Rangelova: ‘Isolated VMRO DPMNE Has no Future’

The current head of the Women’s Union of Macedonia’s main opposition VMRO DPMNE party, and an MP serving her second turn, recently attracted hostile attention as one of the few senior party representatives to vote in the September 30 referendum on the historic agreement with Greece. Daniela Rangelova says that although she did vote, she voted “against” […]

How many women will Kavanaugh hurt as a supreme court justice?

He spat, wept, screamed and hissed in front of the Senate judiciary committee, hysterically claiming a conspiracy against him on the part of his political enemies, and for feminists, a sense of mournful recognition fell. We have seen male bullies before; we know that their petulance and bloviating is a deliberate strategy, that they often […]

Sefik Dzaferovic, Izetbegovic’s Loyal Successor on Bosnian Presidency

Sefik Dzaferovic, 61, is set to replace Bakir Izetbegovic as the Bosniak member of Bosnia’s tripartite state presidency. However, his days in this post will be difficult, as he will share the role of collective head of state with the Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Milorad Dodik, as well as with Zeljko Komsic, analysts say. For […]

Macedonia Races Against Time for Name Change

Macedonia’s prime minister is optimistic about mustering enough support for the adoption of the historic ‘name’ agreement with Greece, but lengthy parliamentary procedures mean the schedule is very tight. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday said that he is optimistic that the legal procedure for the adoption of the historic ‘name’ agreement with Greece […]

Trump says Saudi King wouldn’t last ‘two weeks’ without US support

US President Donald Trump told supporters Tuesday that Saudi Arabia and its King would not last “two weeks” in power without American military support and appeared to call on the country to pay more for its own defense. “And how about our military deals where we protect rich nations that we don’t get reimbursed. How […]

Theresa May lambasts Labour as she calls for Tory unity over Brexit

Theresa May has promised the Conservatives they can end a decade of austerity and see off “the Jeremy Corbyn party” if they unite behind her Brexit plans. In an upbeat speech closing the party’s conference in Birmingham, which has been marred by divisions over Europe, the prime minister warned her colleagues that if they failed to back […]

Vladimir Putin calls Sergei Skripal a scumbag and a traitor

Vladimir Putin has called the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal a “scumbag” and a “traitor”, as he angrily denied allegations that the Kremlin ordered his poisoning with a nerve agent. Speaking at an energy forum in Moscow, the Russian president accused the west of portraying Skripal, who was poisoned with novichok in Salisbury, as an […]

German CDU Urges Macedonian Opposition to Support Deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats have urged their Macedonian sister party, VMRO DPMNE, to support the Greek deal in parliament – which it has so far opposed –  or risk isolating Macedonia from Europe. Germany’s ruling centre-right party has urged its sister opposition party in Macedonia to support the deal with Greece in parliament […]

BIRN Conference Highlights War Crimes Cooperation Problems

Cooperation on war crimes cases between prosecutors’ offices in former Yugoslav countries happens rarely despite agreements between the states, said participants at a major regional conference organised by BIRN. Regional cooperation between prosecutors’ offices in former Yugoslav countries is beset by problems, despite the protocols that states have signed agreeing to collaborate on war crimes […]

Romanian Family’s Real Supporters Should Boycott This Referendum

No one doubts that the family is in danger in Romania. The country has the highest infant mortality rate in the whole of the EU, with 7.6 deaths for every 1,000 live newborns – double the European average. Despite that, Romania’s spends the least on health and education of all EU countries. The parents of […]

Croatia, Hungary Mull Future Gas Deliveries From Krk

Croatian and Hungarian ministers met on Tuesday to discuss joint energy plans under which Hungary will receive gas supplies from Croatia‘s planned LNG terminal on Krk island. Tomislav Coric, Croatia‘s Minister of Environment and Energy, met on Tuesday in Budapest with Hungary’s Foreign and Trade Minister, Peter Szijjarto, to discuss joint energy projects and gas supplies. One […]

Moldova Ruling Party Bans Opposition Media From Briefings

Moldova’s ruling Democratic Party, PD, has cancelled the press accreditation of the main pro-opposition TV station, Jurnal TV, without a offering a real reason. Reporters from another TV station, TV8, were banned several weeks ago from PD headquarters for the weekly press briefing, held usually every Thursday, under the pretext that it is a private […]

Observers Gather in Bosnia to Scrutinise Elections

Thousands of accredited observers will be monitoring Bosnia’s October elections – after a campaign overshadowed by numerous allegations of fraud and manipulation. More than 50,000 national and international observers will monitor Bosnia’s eight post-war election whose campaign has less than a week to run. The Central Electoral Committee has accredited 2,9191 observers, but this figure […]

Global image of US is historically bad under Trump, says poll

The global image of the US has sunk to historic lows since Donald Trumptook office, a survey of 25 countries has found, with only Israelis, Russians and Kenyans showing an increase in positive attitudes. In the Pew Research Center poll, respondents generally had less confidence in Trump’s ability to lead than they did in Vladimir Putin’s and […]

Kavanaugh faced police questioning over 1985 bar brawl – report

The embattled supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by police more than three decades ago following an altercation at a bar, according to reports. The incident took place in September 1985 when Kavanaugh was a student at Yale University, according to a police report obtained by the New York Times on Monday. It is being made public at […]

Latin America’s murder rate is skyrocketing. The United States should help.

BAD AS gun violence is in the United States, there is a region of the world where your chances of being murdered with a firearm are 4.2 times greater. We refer to the area between the Rio Grande and Tierra del Fuego, where the number of gun deaths per 100,000 people reached 16.21 in 2016, […]